The Saved By The Bell Christmas Episode With The Homeless Family Is Perfection

On December 7, 1991 and December 14, 1991, the 24th and 25th episodes of season 3 of Saved By The Bell aired. Entitled A Home For Christmas, Parts 1 and 2, this 2-episode arc saw the gang celebrate Christmas and learn some life lessons. Let's discuss …
  1. Are you ready for some early 90s Neon CGI?
    Just seeing those shaky blue lines got me excited for what was about to happen
  2. YES! The perfect mix of bright pastel colors and 90s patterns along with multiple fonts … the show is about to begin
    Other shows with multiple fonts include Martin ( ), In Living Color ( ), and Biy Merrs World ( )
  3. First, let's remember this horribly done group high five from the 3rd season's episode "Pipe Dreams"
    Zack may have wanted a bigger, better bayside more than anyone, but not at the expense of the wildlife … BECKY NOOOOO
  4. Start with a nice artistic shot of Christmas decorations
    Also, they have a peppy synthesizery Christmas tune playing
  5. Generic, non-religious Christmas cards
    Santa and trees and snowy wooded paths … won't alienate the viewers!
  6. And finish up the introductory shots with Zack's stocking
    Now we know whose house we're in!
  7. Ah, the gang gets home from school … let Christmas vacation begin!
    I miss those days … two weeks with no responsibilities.
  8. Zack and his mom made cookies "Gingerbread Chicks" as Zack calls them
    Don't worry, Jessie had an an angry comment about how demeaning it is to call them that
  9. Let's just talk about Screech's fashion sense
    He was ahead of his time …
  10. Some of the gang got jobs for the break. Skater works at the gift wrap station at the mall
    Uh oh … did those champagne flutes fall out of his poorly wrapped box?!
  11. Looks like he isn't doing too good of a job
    You know … being choked and all.
  12. Jessie is helping at the Pictures With Santa spot. She also isn't doing a great job.
    She hates kids. This may not be good.
  13. Zack bumps into Laura. He meets her for a second. Clearly he's in love already. He asks her to have lunch with him. She told him she brought an Apple for lunch …
    She looks less enthused. And seriously, one apple? Seems fishy.
  14. Screech bought a doll to give to the sick kids at the hospital. Like a good person. Zack decides to search the entire mall to find the girl he met for 20 seconds and who rejected him. Like a creepy stalker.
    But seriously, he comes across as way too aggressive.
  15. The doll is called "Squeeze and Squirt"
    That's what she said.
  16. Zach is waiting for screech to clean up after the doll soaked him
    Kinda looks weird, just hanging around the mall bathroom
  17. Screech is still wet. The man who walks in in the scraggly clothes checks the payphones for any coins.
    Nothing subtle about that. He's poor, folks.
  18. Oh … he's shaving there. He must be … homeless!
    I wonder how the smell didn't give it away
  19. Zack puts money in the payphone.
    The kids got a heart of gold when he's not creepily stalking girls
  20. "Check the coin slot sir. Merry Christmas"
    He is SO proud of himself
  21. But the homeless man already checked the payphones
    Well, how about a second look
  22. Merry Christmas? "It will be. Thanks to you"
    The season of giving 🎄
  23. Kelly got a job too! At Moody's Store For Men. And look who works with her!!!!
  24. "Kelly, I'm looking for a girl"
    The look on her face is perfect. "Oh Zach. Your libido is sooo strong."
  25. Look who waves hello!
  26. Zach talked Laura into lunch. Then he made a disparaging remark about homeless people. She was … not amused.
    Lunch - cancelled, you Insensitive jerk.
  27. Screech is being all creepy to lisa. As always.
    She should have filed a restraining order like halfway through the 1st season.
  28. Screech tells Laura she made Zack sad by rejecting him.
    How dare she choose to ignore his advances.
  29. She decides to have lunch with him. She eats all his chips. And his burger. And his ice cream
    I guess the apple just wasn't enough!
  30. Zack continues the date by cutting in line to get pictures with santa
    In real life, that long line of waiting parents and kids would have revolted.
  31. Adorable
    Just … adorable
  32. She tells Santa what she wants for Christmas …
    He seems … sad afterwards.
  33. Zack's mom approves
    And look at that tiny cup of popcorn. Who gets so little popcorn?
  34. Zack knows what he wants for Christmas
    His mom creepily is okay with his leering
  35. Hey! Homeless man helps wrap Lisa's present. He's touching everyone's lives.
  36. Hey … what's going on over there?
    And why does screech's shirt have that weird patch of color?
  37. Oh … there's homeless guy. And he's passed out while 14 adults stand around him calmly watching
    Seems normal
  38. Don't worry … we three children will save him
    Because everyone else wants him to die
  39. Dreaming of Zack
    He is dreamy …
  40. Kelly's thinking "I've hit that already"
    And joe she's dreaming about him too …
  41. Enter Mr. Moody. Store owner, Kelly and Laura's employer, and our story's villain.
    He is a cranky, christmas hating man.
  42. Come on Kelly … we're all stopping now and going to the hospital to give toys to kids. Oh and maybe see the homeless guy. YAY CHRISTMAS THOUGH
    Yeah, Laura seemed to be interested in the homeless guy's collapse
  43. Open hospital scene on crippled child.
    Homage to Tiny Tim?
  44. Enter the gang
  45. Kelly and Zack are adorable as Santa and Mrs. Claus
    They are the best
  46. Little kid putting the star on the top
    Even though he thinks it's too little
  47. "But it never snows in Los Angeles"
    He says, setting up the next miracle
  48. "It does now"
    Says a Zack who is not even trying to cover his face with his fake beard. They must are the glory of Zack Morris
    Inside? In LA!
  50. Hey, let's go visit the homeless guy in our weird costumes
    Why Is slater a leprechaun?
  51. Wait … whaaatttt???
    It's her FATHER! And she's homeless too. Plot twist
  52. How nice that Zack and his mom have welcomed the homeless strangers into their home!
    Zack's dad is away on business … so why not?
  53. Zack straight up asks how they became homeless. Homeless man tells the story. Laid off. Missed rent. Moved to California to live in car
    Common story, really.
  54. Thank goodness we have a home …
    They say with a look
  55. Ugh … mom! I never got a job but you're making me wake up at 7am to help you. I'M ON VACATION
    Unlike the rest of my friends who got jobs
  56. Screech is eating egg foo yung with garlic sauce
    Not really that weird. I know it's breakfast, but it's basically an omelette. Zack's look of disgust may be misplaced
  57. Sweet and sour shrimp … maybe that's a bit much for breakfast
    At least he offers to share
  58. "No thanks. Even I'm not that hungry"
    Homeless person joke!
  59. I want to buy my dad this coat so he can get a job and I won't have to support him.
    Unfortunately Mr. Moody won't give her an advance on her pay. Grrr
  60. Zack is ready to be in the play - A Christmas Carol
    Laura wanted to be in it too, but Mr. Moody said no. He's the worst.
  61. Zack made a deal with Moody!
    She can be in the play. He just had to make a few changes to the play …
  62. Kelly wants to buy the jacket for Laura!
    These people are so kind to the stranger girl!
  63. She's having her friend put it on hold during the play.
    That should go well!
  64. Scrooge learns a lesson about life. And about wearing better men's clothes.
    I don't remember that in the book.
  65. "For the well dressed miser, the only place to shop is Moody's Store For Men
    Ooohhhh, that's why Laura could be in the play!
  66. Sit down you horrible meanie!
    So smug, he is.
  67. Lauraaaaa! Where is the jacket?
    Even though we were together the whole time?
  68. It wasn't sold. I have receipts. You stole it!
  69. "Hello, This is Mr. Moody and I'm in a bad moody. I mean mood!"
    Amazing. Calls security with no proof whatsoever.
  70. Hey, where's Laura? What, she ran out?
    We must find her. Again!
  71. "Hey! You can't park here! People need to buy Christmas tree!"
    Because it's Christmas Eve!
  72. The Zack Morris phone has made an appearance. Unfortunately, bad news. No one found her.
    Sad Zack. A
  73. Wait! They were the ones in the car!
    We found them. It's a Christmas miracle 😀
  74. Let's celebrate at Zack's house.
    No one else has a family?
  75. "Mr. Moody still wouldn't let me by the jacket. Because he wanted to give it to you himself!"
    Good fake out, Kelly!
  76. "I'm an angry man"
    With a present.
  77. JK, I'm happy to have you as an employee and I'll see you after Christmas!
    He learns a lesson. Just like Ebenezer Scrooge!
  78. Looking good in that jacket.
    Now he'll get a job!
  79. Oh hey, we want you to live here with us!
    Yeah, until you get on your feet.
  80. We accept. And now, let's sing you a song … Don't go breaking my heart … I couldn't if I tried. Oh wait. No. silent night.
    More seasonally appropriate
  81. Look at the look Kelly gives and the face Zack makes at the mention of the word "virgin"
    Literally looks like they can't keep a straight face. Awkward …
  82. Wait … who is dating who in this cast. Is Dustin Diamond basically the only one alone?
    I feel your pain, screech.
  83. Yay, cartoony pink Christmasy border!
    Merry Christmas, everyone.
  84. Wow … literally no reaction to this list that I worked on for hours. Dumb update