This took some time. I took songs that bring me back to a specific moment or feeling. Oddly, nothing from the past few years has come into my head. But here is a look at the music that has made up many of my experiences in these first 33 years
  1. At This Moment - Billy Vera and the Beaters
    Having all older siblings, I watched things that I may have been too young to understand. But the episode of family ties where this song was played while Alex gets his heart broken will stay with me forever. Later, after a breakup, this song made even more sense to me. But I can still see Alex P. Keaton sitting in the kitchen crying with this song playing.
  2. Like A Friend - Pulp
    The 1998 film, Great Expectations, with Gwenyth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke really messed me up. There's a point where he's standing in the rain yelling up at her window "Don't you understand that everything I have ever done has been for you? Anything that is special in me, is you". It's how i thought I felt about my first "love". This song is from the spectacular soundtrack and played so often during my late teens
  3. Pay For What You Get - Dave Matthews Band
    I got into Dave Matthews Band the summer before 11th grade, 1998. I had known Crash Into Me already. But PFWYG is the song that was playing most of the time in my memories from that year. I clearly remember sitting on my computer, this song playing, and going on AIM and talking to the girl I had a crush on.
  4. Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left - Andrew Bird
    The mysterious production of eggs is, by far, one of the most memory-inducing albums I've ever heard. From my happiest moments to my deepest depression, this song was a constant. I took a trip with Rocio from Sioux Falls, SD to Ames, IA on February 16, 2006. It was before he was big. I saw him at a little tiny place called the M-Shop on the Iowa State campus. It was tiny. Maybe 40 people. I stood right in front of him. Blown away by his music.
  5. Roll To Me - Del Amitri
    The first 6 months that I spent time with my ex-wife, we were just friends. She was in a very unhappy relationship that was bad for her. I wanted her to get out of it. I knew I'd treat her better. But I just stood by and was there for her. One night we went out to the beach at 3am and looked out over the ocean and this song came in. It's lyrics said perfectly what I wanted to say to get. Eventually she did realize that I was a better choice 😀until she didn't anymore.
  6. Say It Ain't So - Weezer
    In late 2007/early 2008 I had a friend named Greg. He was going through a rough breakup. Even worse was that he lived directly across the street from her. He would ask me to come over every day. We'd spend all afternoon together. He'd talk about her. We'd play rock band. Then when I left, she would immediately call me to ask what he said about her. It was a mess. This song was in rock band
  7. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
    I saw the beach boys in 2004 at the Sioux Empjre Fair. I stood under the stars as Mike love still hit all the high notes and they went through a seemingly unending catalog of hits. But when this came on, and I held my girlfriend's hand, it was one of those moments you don't forget.
  8. She's Leaving Home - The Beatles
    I went through a huge Beatles phase from 1995-1998. When I first heard She's Leaving Home from Sgt. pepper's, I was stunned. I actually remember the first time and exactly how it hit me. Powerful
  9. Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
    This was playing BOTH times I went to my first "love"s house for birthday parties. I don't think I'll ever forget that connection.
  10. I try - Macy Gray
    This song came out at the perfect time in my life. Senior year of high school. It was hard to say goodbye to the only life I knew. I was also keenly aware that I would probably never see most of these people again.
  11. Babylon - David Gray
    January 2001. I bought his album, White Ladder, while I was at work in the mall. I had plans to go see Thirteen Days with my buddy Mike. It was rainy and dark on the half hour drive to the theater. I listened to this album as I drove. I'll always associate this song and most of the album to that drive. That weather. That … feeling
  12. Nothing Better - Postal Service
    Another album that spanned many time periods in my life. South Dakota. Back home. Rocio. heather. Brittney. We all loved postal service. This song is heart-wrenching. She wants him to know its over. He doesn't want to know. I got to see them live in 2013 when they did their 10 year anniversary tour. I never thought I would get to experience them in concert, so seeing Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis sing this together as, apparently, my wife was contemplating ending things. Surreal.
  13. Two Princes - Spin Doctors
    I had moved out of Rocio's house and into a dorm at University of South Dakota. I was 1500 miles from any family or friends. I blogged a lot. And for some reason, I wrote a very long post about this song where i shared a lot of personal feelings. Google decided to show it as one of the first three hits when you searched the lyrics. So I had a lot of strangers find my blog and follow my heartbreak
  14. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You - Colin Hay
    When I first moved back from South Dakota, Colin Hay was a big part of my life. I was VERY into scrubs at the time, and garden state meant a lot to me. And this song. These lyrics were very much how I felt at the time. It's silly to think I would never get over someone who hurt me so badly. And I have gotten over her. But this song still makes my chest tighten and my heart hurt
  15. Motorcycle Drive By -3rd Eye Blind#
    I would sit on my bed thought 11th grade and sing this song with the cd. Such poetry. It really captured the feeling of being around someone and knowing they'd never want to be with you. It was pain, but it still felt like love.
  16. Goodnight - Zox
    Long story of an inside joke between heather and I while we were just starting to date. This guy at work was obsessed with Zox, and especially this song. So we would drive past his house playing it at random hours of the night. Not blasting it to wake anyone up or anything. This was just a little treat for us. It was the best way to end a fun adventure filled evening for us. And the best way to end the soundtrack to my life … so far