Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I had known her for about 5 years. We used to work together at target
  2. We always joked about how she dated so many "target boys" as she would call them
  3. Like, seriously though. So many. 8 or 9 I think.
  4. So, we're pretty good friends, and we started flirting when we would text. And we decided to go on a date.
  5. And that first date was really nice. I had been separated for about a year at that point. It was nice to be around someone again. We watched a movie. We went to dinner. We went down to port Jefferson, a little Main Street right on the north shore of Long Island, on the Long Island sound. We looked at the water. We shared a nice kiss. Seemed good!
  6. The next date is what I'm writing about here …
  7. We decided to go to the Greek festival. Most Greek Orthodox churches on Long Island have one. They sell food, there are carnival games, rides, dancing, fireworks. It's wonderful.
  8. She wanted me to pick her up. And meet her mom. So I did.
  9. I had made sure to stop at the ATM because I knew most things would be cash only.
  10. It was only or second date, so I figured I would buy dinner and pay for the rides. Maybe some games. See what happens. So I took $100 out of the ATM.
  11. When we arrived, there were vendors. She has a bit of a Michael Kors obsession, so when she saw a wellmade knockoff watch for $20, she had to have it. She paid for it by herself, which she was okay with. She offered. Apparently that was the only cash she brought.
  12. No worries. Our delicious, amazing, authentic Greek dinner was only $25. We got armbands to go on as many rides as we wanted. 20 each. Not bad! I still had 35 dollars left.
  13. She then saw some prizes she wanted to win at the games. Okay. We won a few. The she wanted more. Okay. So won some more.
  14. 35 dollars doesn't go far when you play these kinds of games over and over again to win prizes.
  15. I ran out of money.
  16. She wanted more things.
  17. I found an atm. It had a 4 dollar surcharge. But she had to have the hello kitty plush. So I got 40 more dollars.
  18. Those dollars were gone quickly. But not before we won the toy! Mission accomplished!
  19. Wait. She wanted to trade it in for a bigger one? She already won 2 fish, the hello kitty, a stuffed zebra, and a unicorn pillow.
  20. I had no more cash.
  21. She said "but I'm a princess"
  22. I was taken aback by that statement
  23. She made a pouty face
  24. Not a cute one, though.
  26. Yelling now. Not me. Her. Like a child.
  27. I kinda stood my ground, because this is weird. And kinda ridiculous.
  28. I'm not cheap. But to be told I need to give my money away because she's a princess.
  29. By the way, she's not an actual princess. I live in New York. It's a representative democracy.
  30. She pouted the rest of the time there. Which, was way too long after that.
  31. She wanted to see fireworks. So we waited. And waited. 45 minutes
  32. In that time, she told me she could never see herself dating me because I haven't cut my exwife out of my life
  33. She knows my daughter. And she knows bag we have a wonderful coparenting plan that allows us to get along and our daughter to hopefully have a normal life.
  34. She says it's not normal that I talk to my ex wife. Ever.
  35. So she couldn't see herself dating me.
  36. Which is weird, because we're on our second date. Isn't that dating?
  37. We watched the fireworks. We left. She wanted ice cream
  38. We went to carvel.
  39. She tells me, when we go in and order, that I can pay because they take debit cards. I don't need to worry about having cash.
  40. I dropped her at home.
  41. No kiss goodnight.
  42. I think i would have rejected a kiss if she tried.
  43. The saddest thing is that that was the last date I've been on. A year and a half ago.