This kind of list usually helps me clear my head and feel a little less anxious :-)
  1. Money
    I always worry about money. I don't typically have a huge amount of disposable income, but I'm also using any disposable income l have to pay for this extreme, amazing vacation I have planned for my daughter, ex wife and I. And I honestly have enough to pay for that, have 3,000 dollars in cash for incidentals, and still pay my bills. So this shouldn't be my number one source of anxiety!
  2. Work
    So, after starting in September, January was the first month that everything started to count. I was concerned about the file audits they'd be doing, and the numbers I have to attain to do well. I seem to have done okay, though. I definitely didn't fail at this job or anything. So, I'll need to be more calm about this too
  3. Emily
    My daughter. This list isn't in order of what I care about most or anything. She's always my number one. But I also always worry about her. She's the happiest, most content kid. Even with the 50/50 living situation, she just goes with the flow. But I'll always worry about her wellbeing and happiness. Like, forever.
  4. My divorce
    We finally met with the mediator last week. Monetarily, it's not as bad as I'd thought. He even knocked off the court costs because we literally agree on everything and it's not going to be too difficult. So, I'll have the money for that without having to dig in to my Disney trip money!
  5. My loneliness
    Valentine's Day is coming up. And the week after that is the date of our wedding. This could potentially be a sad time for me. BUT, this year Valentine's Day is a Sunday. And I have my daughter alllll day. And a girls first Valentine should be her daddy! So, I'm going to take her out for a wonderful day 😀 and the week after, 2/21 would have been my anniversary, but again, Sunday! So another Emily fun day. It should be enough to get me though
  6. The primaries
    I don't usually discuss politics, but this is on my mind, big time. I've been a democrat since I was young enough to make the decision, when I was 10. My ideology hasn't changed with age. As such, I do like my party's chances in November. I'm just scared it's going to be the person that has wonderful ideas but will probably not be able to implement them because they're so out there. 😕
  7. My standing in the list app community
    I went from a regular daily poster to once a week bc of my anxiety. I don't want to lose the friendships I've made or my connection to the community bc I'm too depressed to read through the lists as regularly as I have before