My brain doesn't make sense 87% of the time
  1. I'm anxious about how this weekend will go
    Why? I don't work weekends. I'm seeing Star Wars l: The Force Awakens tomorrow morning, then getting my daughter and going to see Santa come on the fire trucks then eating greek food! And Sunday I'm taking my daughter to see Alvin and the chipmunks: road chip in the theater! It should be an excellent weekend
  2. I'm anxious about work next week
    Why?! I've finally been here 3 months, I feel comfortable and know what I'm doing now. And the next few weeks are only 4 days. And next week I'm leaving early on Christmas Eve. And it's Christmastime! My favorite time of the year!
  3. I'm anxious about Christmas
    It will be sad on Christmas morning since my daughter wakes up with her mom this year. And she won't be at our Christmas Eve celebration. But that's okay bc I'll still be around family and I'm doing a second Christmas with my daughter when I get her! Plus she'll be at Christmas night dinner with my whole family
  4. I'm anxious about New Years
    It's always been my least favorite day of the year. I get super depressed. I never watch the ball drop. I go to bed. Every year my best friend Andrew invites me over for New Years. This year I accepted. It will actually be fun! Plus another 4 day week! Whyyyy am I anxious
  5. I'm terribly anxious about having enough money for my Disney trip
    Now, it's my fault that I've added so many things on that the balance I owe is $9250. But. As of this morning, I've paid 6300 towards it, and I have a plan and will have no problem having it paid off my the day the money is due, March 30. Still, it's stressful knowing that I'm not getting any money from my wife or anyone. I'm also hoping my hotel isn't excluded from the next discounts they release in the next few weeks (like, super hoping). But either way, I'll have the money and be fine
  6. List app going mainstream
    I wasn't worried about it, but I've seen so many posts from people who say it won't be as good anymore. But I have a good feeling about you guys. I feel like I'll still have my support system here, plus maybe even a few new nice, caring people. It's gonna be okay 😀