I'll be updating this list as my life goes on, to reflect things that I've changed and new things. Also, I would appreciate any feedback on how to accomplish these goals in the comments. This is an awesome community and I know you all have great ideas
  1. My weight and overall health
    Since I've left the retail world for the corporate office world, I have really become beyond unhealthy. I've let my weight get to a near catastrophic number and I now I sit way more than I move around. I just joined a gym last week, so that's a start
  2. Eating fast food so often
    By often, I'm ashamed to say I mean 5 days a week. Every day before work I stop and get McDonald or Burger King breakfast. I'm really glad this app is my safe place, because it's really hard to admit that. I know how bad it is for me. I know that it will end up killing me one day. Why can't I stop?
  3. Drinking soda
    I don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke. I don't do drugs. But I would say that this is my strongest addiction, and it is a bad one. Just the thought of coca-cola makes me happy. When I'm thirsty and get a cold can or Coke Zero, my hand literally shakes as I raise it to my lips. I can't go to sleep without having one or two cups of caffeine free Coke Zero. And it doesn't matter if it's diet or regular, both will kill me. This is the hardest thing I want to change
  4. Letting my loneliness control my feelings
    My wife and I separated 2 years ago. Most of my feelings throughout the day center on wishing that I had a significant other to share my time with. I'm grateful to have a wonderful daughter half the week, which helps keep me going. But I need to be okay with being alone for now, until the right person comes along
  5. My overwhelming need to be liked
    Partly because of this, and partly because I truly believe that compassion and kindness are always the answer, I get taken advantage of. A lot. My friends know I'll do whatever they need me to. I can't stand the thought of disappointing someone. It leads to me never really having much of an equal footing in most friendships.
  6. My anxiety and depression
    This one will never go away. Medicine helps. But I don't want it to control my life anymore. 😟