I need to make some changes
  1. My health
    I've joined weight watchers to help me keep track of and visualize the foods I'm eating. I will be going to the gym 2-3 times a week. And I'm actively trying to figure out a way to stop drinking soda of any kind, diet or regular.
  2. My dependence on energy drinks
    Every morning while I'm at work, I must have a monster. If I forget to buy one, my body acts like I haven't slept in weeks. I'm 95% sure it is a placebo effect, since the amount of caffeine I typically ingest in a day is much more than this one can of energy. Either way, I fear what it is doing to my heart and body and I will attempt to wean myself off using water with flavoring and l food based sources of energy, like belvita bars and the like
  3. My depression
    I know this won't go away, ever. But I'm going to try to keep it from stopping me from living my life. I don't want it to make me sit in my bed just thinking instead of watching a movie or reading or something. It overtakes me so many nights. I need to push through
  4. My anxiety
    Besides being diagnosed with depression, I'm also diagnosed with generalized and social anxiety disorders. The anxiety affects my life even more than the depression. I started the year off right. Not letting my anxiety to get the best of me on New Year's Eve. I went to my friends house and rang in the new year playing a fun movie-based trivia game and making everyone laugh
  5. My life situation
    I'm finalizing my divorce. I currently have not found anyone new to spend time with, but I have a feeling that if I can figure out my health, I'll feel more comfortable with myself and the pieces will fall into place. After my Disney trip, any money saved will go towards moving into an apartment on my own. If I can save 10k for a trip, I can save it for a few months of rent.
  6. My lack of writing
    I want to write more. I used to have a blog and it was pretty well visited when I was writing a lot about my life. I love writing in here and I want to do more!