1. My daughter
    She's the light of my life. She keeps my heart from dying. There's never a time when she can't cheer me up
  2. The current opening to Disney movies
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    There's something magical about the fireworks, castle, night sky, and the flourish of "When You Wish Upon a Star" that brings me to a different world. A world where I can be a kid again. A time before I knew the harshness of the world. I know this opening wasn't around when I was young, but it still reminds me of those days
  3. The Walt Disney World monorail
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    I don't know what it is. The smell. The look. The excitement. "Por favor mantenganse alejado de los puertes" I love all of it. I'm so exited to be staying at the contemporary, where the monorail goes through the building.
  4. The Golden Girls
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    Ever since I was little, maybe 5, I've watched this show with my aunt. It's our thing. We always talk about our favorite episodes and Sofia one-liners. Even today, when I have it on, I still love it.