1. I've had, as evidenced by some lists, an emotionally bad week.
  2. I've had thoughts that I haven't had in a long time
  3. I was at a low, low point most days.
  4. I'm not better yet.
  5. There have been some bright spots!
  6. I got to spend time with old friends and catch up with former coworkers that I haven't seen in years
  7. Tonight I get to see my best friends, whom I haven't seen in a year and four months, because they've had bad thing after bad thing happen to them
  8. I made it through alive
  9. I fear what will happen next, though. If these feelings don't get better.
  10. Looking at the tone of this list, I want to make sure you all understand that I'm not going to do anything harmful to myself or anyone, I promise that.