I'm not giving away whom, yet, but hopefully you somehow read this!
  1. I may have messed up a bit …
  2. You are going to be getting two different packages
  3. One is coming from the west coast, from etsy, bc I saw it and thought you would love it
  4. The other is coming from me on Long Island
  5. I wasn't able to include a note on the etsy one, however
  6. And the self service kiosk at the post office didn't allow me to write your name or my return address on the label
  7. So don't be freaked out if you get one package with no explanation
  8. And another that seems odd because of the labeling.
  9. And I really hope it all gets to you okay
  10. And I hope you love your stuff! It was so fun getting it all together!
  11. And a big thanks to @ChrisK again for making this happen. I can't wait for my secret Santa to get their gift, and for me to get mine!