Don't judge me harshly for these. I feel bad even writing this. But it is who I am.
  1. Karen Fillipelli from The Office
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    I love love love Rashida Jones. I love Ann Perkins on parks and rec. I hate Karen Fillipelli on the Office. I was a JAM fan from the first season. Is it just me, or did they make her unlikable?
  2. Anyone on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    When I first got super into parks and rec, I told my ex-wife about it and said she would enjoy it, since we both loved the office so much. She said she would never watch that, but I should watch Always Sunny. I've held a grudge against the show since then. Even though I'm sure I'd probably enjoy it
  3. Lauren from the ski lodge on Boy Meets World
    Although I have fallen in love with Lindsey Weir, Lisa Cardellini's character in Freaks & Geeks, I hate Lauren. She got between Cory and Topanga. She knew they were together and she wrote that note and kissed him. When you think about it, she was just speaking her mind and being forward about how she feels, but it just bugs me because it's Cory and Topanga!
  4. Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: SVU
    For our entire marriage, my wife (as well as most women I've discussed this with) found bin irresistible. Manly. Apparently attractive? Tough guy. Nothing like me. Hate him. Love Chris Meloni in Wet Hot American Summer, though!
  5. Zooey Rice from I Love You, Man
    This is a bad one. I literally hate her character only because she is played by KAREN FILLIPELLI. I'm glad I got over my feelings about her by the time I got into Parks and Rec!
  6. 30 Rock, the whole show
    My intense dislike of Alec Baldwin has kept me from watching a show about a fictional version of one of my favorite things in the world (SNL) by and starring one of my favorite people in the world (Tina Fey)