Inspired by @amieshmamie and @shanaz
  1. Thank you for being a friend
    Not only because I can break out singing the Golden Girls theme song, but because I feel like absolutely none of my friends actually appreciate my friendship. And that makes me sad.
  2. You're a great dad!
    I do everything I can to make my daughters life great. I make sure she's polite and kind, I don't make big deals about small things. I feel bad enough that she is a child of divorce, I do what I can to make her life normal and fun.
  3. You. Are. Hilarious.
    I'm one of those people who can always make people laugh. It's one of the very few things I like about myself.
  4. You are so kind …
    To me, kindness is the most important thing. It irks me when people are rude. It enrages me when people make other people feel bad. I wish the whole world felt the same way.
  5. I want to spend the rest of my life with you
    It happened once. I wish it would happen again. 😕
  6. You're my best friend
    I have had best friends, but I don't think I've ever had them say that I'm their best friend too. It would be amazing to have a requited best friendship.
  7. Here's why I disappeared from your life
    This is specific to a few people on my life … namely Pete, Lindsey, Alexis ( see Why Do My Friends Just Disappear From My Life? for more info). It would be amazing to actually get closure from them.
  8. Would you help me plan a trip to Walt Disney World?
    I don't have time to become a travel agent, but I LOVE helping people make magical Disney World memories.
  9. You're not lame just because you (listen to dmb/watch Dawson's creek/love Disney)
    Most people instantly judge me because I don't listen to a lot of music outside of my favorite bands. Or because I like 90s tv shows. Or because of my Disney love. I hate that. I'm more than just those things, and they don't make me any worse or better than anyone else.
  10. Let's go get something to eat
    I love going to restaurants, and in the past 3 years since my wife and I separated, I don't get to go nearly enough.
  11. It's not weird that you don't drink
    You'd be amazed by how many people are in complete shock when I tell them I'm not a big drinker. It's like telling them that I was born with no lungs. They just can't imagine what it's like.
  12. You should be on Jeopardy!
    I really should. I have an amazing memory, and I think I could do well if I figure out the buzzer.
  13. You're an interesting person
    I really am. I feel like people should get to know me!
  14. This made me think of you/ reminded me of you
    It's soooo nice to know that you're one someone's mind when you're not in their presence
  15. You remind me of (insert awesome celebrity here)
    Oh, I remind you of Ben Gibbard? Thanks!!!
  16. I love your taste in music
    Someone has to …
  17. You seem like you should be from the Midwest
    I swear I don't fit in here on Long Island. The 2 years I spent in South Dakota made me realize how much I fit there.
  18. You're a gentle giant
    One of my favorite feelings is when people realize that I may be big, but I'm soft spoken and kind and caring. I
  19. Your best days are ahead of you
    It would be nice to hear that sometimes. It's hard to believe it sometimes.
  20. You should be a comedian/writer
    One day …