Ah, nice to wake up to a direct deposit in my account. It's like the beginning of a vacation! Endless possibilities. Well, not endless …
  1. Gotta pay my credit cards down (plural)
  2. Ah, my audible auto pay comes out this week
  3. So does Tivo
  4. Ooops, can't forget about those last few Christmas presents
  5. Registering my car, dmv is gonna take a nice chunk of change
  6. Here's one I don't mind … another 700 dollars towards my Disney vacation … final payment is only 10 paychecks away :-/
  7. Putting some aside for gas, although less than in the past since I'll be getting a more fuel efficient car today
  8. Well, at least I still have enough to care for my daughter and I have a place to live and access to food.
  9. Life is pretty good :-)