I love NYC. These are the places and experiences I love the most and recommend to first timers
  1. So many great restaurants in Little Italy, but my absolute favorite is Angelo's on Mulberry St. Yum! http://www.angelosofmulberryst.com
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  2. Dinner @ Buddakan is another favorite place to eat: http://buddakannyc.me
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  3. Have drinks @ Refinery Rooftop: http://www.refineryrooftopnyc.com
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  4. Salon de Ning is another favorite rooftop bar: http://newyork.peninsula.com/en/fine-dining/salon-de-ning-rooftop-bar
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  5. Great outdoor bar atmosphere: Tequila Park @ the Hudson Hotel: https://www.morganshotelgroup.com/hudson/hudson-new-york/eat-drink/tequila-park
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  6. Blue Man Group is in several cities now but there's something special about seeing it where it all began, at the Astor Place theatre.
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  7. For something totally different that combines drinks and awesome entertainment, see Wayra Fuerza Bruta: http://fuerzabrutanyc.com
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  8. Peaceful people watching and street musicians @ Strawberry Fields in Central Park
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  9. Then walk around to the Central Park boathouse and rent a row boat http://www.centralparknyc.org/things-to-see-and-do/attractions/loeb-boathouse.html
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  10. The NBC Studio Tour , and not just because my "2nd office" is there. It's an awesome history of great TV and super fun. http://www.thetouratnbcstudios.com
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  11. The Beast speed boat is the only way to see the Statue of Liberty in my opinion! Bundle up for fun http://www.ridethebeast.com
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  12. Champagne Brunch @ Beauty & Essex. Ok I haven't done this yet. But my girlfriends swear by it and I am dying to go! http://www.beautyandessex.com
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