Does this bother anyone else besides me? I hate when Hollywood casts an actor or actress as a superhero when they've already played a different superhero in a previous movie or TV show. It makes it seem like there's a shortage of actors in Hollywood. You should get one shot, and you're done regardless if it was a flop or a hit.
  1. Halle Berry as Storm
    I like her as Storm in this Marvel franchise, the first of which came out way back in 2000. There's no reason we needed...
  2. Halle Berry as Catwoman
    Yes, I know this is DC, and X-Men is Marvel. Don't care. This movie was a train wreck and shouldn't have been made period.
  3. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
    Reynolds originally appeared as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He's reprising the role soon as Deadpool gets his own feature film. Stuck in between these two films was...
  4. Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
    I actually enjoyed this movie, but I see why it got panned by most. I'm interested to see how they reintroduce this character in the JLA movies in the works.
  5. Brandon Routh as Superman
    I feel bad for this guy. He's obviously not a big name actor like the others on this list. Superman Returns was poorly directed, and full of overacting. This was Brandon's big break, and it didn't work out. Somebody likes him though because...
  6. Brandon Routh as The Atom
    He's now starring in "Legends Of Tomorrow" as The Atom. I didn't watch the pilot episode. I've heard mixed things.
  7. Chris Evans as Johnny Storm
    Evans tried to get his flame on in Hollywood's first "Fantastic Four" attempt and it's even worse sequel. It didn't work out for him, so he moved on to bigger and better with...
  8. Chris Evans as Captain America
    Evans got a second chance and did okay, I guess.
  9. Ben Affleck as Daredevil
    I have not seen this movie. But I will see...
  10. Ben Affleck as Batman
    The trailers look promising for "Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. I was bummed when Christian Bale decided to hang up the bat cape, but I'm starting to come around. Plus, Wonder Woman shows up, so that's awesome.