The worst day/best day of my life
  1. On Christmas Eve 2003, I came home from work to find my (now ex) wife crying.
  2. We had been married since 1998, and together since '95.
  3. Things weren't well with our marriage, and in retrospect, I know I wasn't perfect.
  4. Anyway, I find her crying and ask her what's wrong...
  5. In tears, she tells me that she doesn't love me anymore.
  6. I broke down crying. I told her we could fix things. I was willing to try.
  7. She wasn't. She had made up her mind.
  8. I spent Christmas Eve at my sister's.
  9. Over the next months, I went through the roller coaster of emotions. Anger. Embarrassment. Depression. Etc.
  10. Our divorce was finalized in 2004.
  11. I finally decided it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself. I needed to fix me.
  12. I started doing improv and theatre.
  13. It was the best form of therapy. It was my creative outlet. I met some amazing people, some of whom became my closest friends.
  14. I met my current wife. We got married in 2012.
  15. She is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
  16. We're celebrating our first Christmas in Chicago this year. Life is good.
  17. Merry Christmas!