It's tough being the other half of a duo. These are the sidekicks I feel never get the same level of respect as their counterparts. I didn't include the one's I feel do get the same level of respect (Chewbacca, Robin, Spock, etc)
  1. Bert
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    Poor Bert always seems to play second fiddle to fun loving Ernie. In the real world, Ernie might be the roommate from hell, but they complement each other well. I'll even go as far to say that Ernie needs Bert more than Bert needs Ernie.
  2. Samwise Gamgee
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    You can't ask for a more loyal friend than Sam. He's the reason Frodo made it up that mountain. At least he wound up with the hot Hobbit at the end.
  3. John from CHIPS
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    John (Larry Wilcox) was the straight man to ladies' man Ponch (Erik Estrada) on this classic 80s show. I always felt bad for John and found him more relatable. He was a good cop and loyal partner.
  4. Piglet
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    I always got the impression that Piglet was a full blown introvert and Pooh helped him come out of his shell. That's a good friend.
  5. Luke Duke from Dukes Of Hazzard
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    I remember all the girls in my school loved Bo (John Schneider). Luke (Tom Wopat) was the perfect wingman. Of course the thing I remember most about this show was those Daisy Dukes!
  6. Boo Boo Bear
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    Boo Boo Bear always seemed to get into trouble because he hung around with the scheming Yogi and his pursuit of picnic baskets.
  7. Oates
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    I'll let this picture do the talking on this one.
  8. Rocky
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    Suggested by @annalara
  9. Elwood Blues
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    Suggested by @dad3
  10. Teller
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    Suggested by @dad3
  11. Garfunkel
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    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  12. Who'd I miss?