1. On Monday I drove from Chicago to my hometown which is just outside Erie, PA
    I should've paid more attention to the weather reports.
  2. What's normally a 7-8 hour drive, took me 12 hours because the roads were icy and it either snowed or rained from Illinois through Ohio.
    I got blisters on my hands from gripping the steering wheel the entire time.
  3. I finally get there around 9:30pm. I scarf down some reheated pizza and go to bed.
    It was good pizza.
  4. Shortly after going to bed, I hear a huge crash outside. It's too dark to see anything and no one else seems concerned, so I go to sleep.
    Their dog barked, but she barks at everything.
  5. Tuesday morning, we discover that the wind storm brought down a huge branch from the tree just outside my window.
    The tree is pretty much dead, but they don't want to spend money to have it taken down. So, we'll just let Mother Nature do it for us.
  6. And it pinned all the electric, phone, and cable lines to the ground.
    Yes, my parents still have a landline.
  7. Miraculously, none of the lines snapped, and we still had electricity and cable!
    Otherwise, I'd have repacked and bolted.
  8. We called all the utility companies, and a guy showed up with a chainsaw to free up the lines. He told us someone else would show up to raise the lines off the ground.
    Nobody showed up until Wednesday afternoon.
  9. Guess who spent all day Tuesday cleaning his parent's yard?
    Because I'm a good son.
  10. I was now doubly exhausted.
    And sore. And cold.
  11. We stayed in Tuesday night and my mom made grilled cheese and soup.
    This is a good thing.
  12. Wednesday, I took them to see "The Force Awakens".
    I was in kindergarten when Episode 4 came out, so it was nice to see the new one with them!
  13. They had a lot of questions afterwards.
    Who's Rey's father? Who's the giant alien bad guy? Why was R2 sleeping?
  14. Thursday (today), I got up early to drive back to Chicago so I could spend New Years Eve with my wife.
    Because I'm a good husband.
  15. The roads were much better.
    Made good time.
  16. I got home a few hours ago. Going to lay low tonight with my wife and the dog.
    Looking forward to it.
  17. Happy New Year everyone!