Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!
  1. This contains a spoiler for The Force Awakens
  2. So stop reading if you haven't seen it yet...
  3. But let's be honest, if you haven't seen it by now, you probably aren't going to see it.
  4. I mean, it's been out about a month now, so...
  5. Anyways, here's my only problem...
  6. Chewbacca didn't get enough time to mourn the loss of his best friend.
  7. He was shown for a few mere seconds crying after returning with Rey and Finn to the Resistance's home base.
  8. Chewie and Han's friendship began long before we first met them in the Cantina.
  9. After the events of Episode III, the Galactic Empire controlled the galaxy. All the Jedis were eliminated, with the exception of Yoda and Obi-Wan.
  10. The Wookiees, who had been a key ally of the Republic, were enslaved by the Empire.
  11. Enter Han Solo, who helped Chewbacca escape from slavery.
  12. Chewbacca swore a "life debt" to Han, and became the best wingman ever.
  13. A "life debt" is a serious thing in the Star Wars Universe
  14. In this case, it led to an amazing bond between the two.
  15. Unlike the "life debt" Qui-Gon Jinn claimed Jar Jar Binks owed him. But I won't open that can of worms.
  16. But I digress...
  17. So when Han is killed by his son...
  18. Chewbacca lost not just his best friend...
  19. He lost the person he swore a "life debt" to.
  20. There should've been a longer scene of Chewbacca mourning Han's death.
  21. I hope Chewie gets to avenge Han in the next chapter..
  22. RIP Han Solo