1. This is Pippin
    He turned 5 today
  2. He was born in Hawaii
    My wife and I lived there for 3 years but moved to Chicago this past June. I know, I know...Why would we leave Hawaii?!?! That's a whole other list...
  3. We adopted him in the summer of 2014
    He was in a foster home and looking for a permanent home. We immediately fell in love with him.
  4. His previous name was Diesel
    We knew we had to change it
  5. We chose Pippin
    My wife and I love LOTR. We thought it was a good dog name. We call him Pip for short.
  6. Pippin loved to go on hikes in Hawaii. He's a very good climber!
  7. More hiking!
  8. More hiking!
  9. He did not however, like the ocean!
    We took him to the beach a few times, and he was not a happy camper!
  10. Unless he had a buddy with him...
  11. Last spring, we decided it was time to move back to the mainland.
  12. We had to send Pippin separately a few weeks ahead of us.
    He flew On Delta from Honolulu to Atlanta to Orlando. I wish we could've put a GoPro in his crate to document his journey.
  13. He got to stay with his Grandma in Florida until we finalized the rest of the move.
    Boy did he get spoiled!
  14. A few weeks later, I went to get him while my wife settled into our new home in Chicago.
  15. It was a fun road trip with my buddy, Pippin!
  16. Now we're in Chicago and he's adjusted well...
  17. He loves chasing squirrels!
    Hawaii doesn't have squirrels!
  18. But he hates thunderstorms!
    Hawaii doesn't have thunderstorms either.
  19. He got to experience snow for the first time!
  20. He's still confused by it.
  21. He's a very good assistant when I'm writing.
  22. Happy Birthday, Pippin!