1. This is Pippin
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    He turned 5 today
  2. He was born in Hawaii
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    My wife and I lived there for 3 years but moved to Chicago this past June. I know, I know...Why would we leave Hawaii?!?! That's a whole other list...
  3. We adopted him in the summer of 2014
    He was in a foster home and looking for a permanent home. We immediately fell in love with him.
  4. His previous name was Diesel
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    We knew we had to change it
  5. We chose Pippin
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    My wife and I love LOTR. We thought it was a good dog name. We call him Pip for short.
  6. Pippin loved to go on hikes in Hawaii. He's a very good climber!
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  7. More hiking!
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  8. More hiking!
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  9. He did not however, like the ocean!
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    We took him to the beach a few times, and he was not a happy camper!
  10. Unless he had a buddy with him...
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  11. Last spring, we decided it was time to move back to the mainland.
  12. We had to send Pippin separately a few weeks ahead of us.
    He flew On Delta from Honolulu to Atlanta to Orlando. I wish we could've put a GoPro in his crate to document his journey.
  13. He got to stay with his Grandma in Florida until we finalized the rest of the move.
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    Boy did he get spoiled!
  14. A few weeks later, I went to get him while my wife settled into our new home in Chicago.
  15. It was a fun road trip with my buddy, Pippin!
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  16. Now we're in Chicago and he's adjusted well...
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  17. He loves chasing squirrels!
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    Hawaii doesn't have squirrels!
  18. But he hates thunderstorms!
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    Hawaii doesn't have thunderstorms either.
  19. He got to experience snow for the first time!
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  20. He's still confused by it.
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  21. He's a very good assistant when I'm writing.
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  22. Happy Birthday, Pippin!
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