In no particular order
  1. Breaking Bad
    Amazing writing and cast
  2. Lost
    Many have tried to duplicate and failed. I was ok with the ending.
  3. Dexter
    Season 4 with Lithgow is the best
  4. The Wire
  5. Boardwalk Empire
  6. Cheers
  7. Deadwood
    If you took a drink every time someone said the F word, you'd be dead.
  8. Freaks And Geeks
    Ahead of its time and gone too soon.
  9. Firefly
    I liked, but didn't love like some proclaim.
  10. Battlestar Galactica
    Creative and captivating
  11. Entourage
    Funny how I enjoy a show but hate a majority of its characters.
  12. Mad Men
    Don Draper - so flawed, so perfect
  13. The State
    Loved this in college. So glad to see several of the troupe so successful today
  14. Friends
    Must See TV
  15. Seinfeld
  16. Chuck
    Quirky and fun
  17. Hung
    Fun concept
  18. Revolution
    Tried to fill the void after Lost
  19. Gilligan's Island
    Loved this as a kid
  20. The Brady Bunch
    Mom always said, don't play ball in the house!
  21. Little House On The Prairie
    Don't judge!