Who did I forget? Add yours...
  1. Gene Hackman
    According to IMDb, his last role was in 2004. He's 86 years old, but come out of retirement, Gene! We miss you!
  2. Rick Moranis
    Last role was in 2007. I just rewatched the original Ghostbusters and he was hilarious. Where'd you go, Rick?
  3. Gene Wilder
    I know he's had some health issues, but damn, it'd be nice to see him on screen again.
  4. Gary Larson
    The Far Side is one of my all time favorite comic strips. I own several of the books, and the humor is right up my alley. Gary Larson retired in 1995. I miss his wit.
  5. Bill Watterson
    Calvin & Hobbes means so much to so many people. I actually own the giant hardcover 3 volume complete set and display it proudly in my home. Check out the documentary "Dear Mr. Watterson", if you haven't already. Many feel he walked away too soon, and hope he'll someday come out of retirement and share his genius with us once again.