1. This morning, I hear that Sting and Peter Gabriel are touring together!
    Pre-sale starts next week!
  2. I saw Sting in concert back in '91. It's time for another!
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    I was a freshman in college, and somehow got free tickets. I can't remember how exactly, but it was awesome!
  3. I'm a huge Peter Gabriel fan, but have not seen him live!
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  4. "In Your Eyes" is my favorite 80s song. And not because of "Say Anything". Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen that entire movie...
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  5. Then, this afternoon, I get an email from Pearl Jam announcing their tour this summer!
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  6. PJ is my all time favorite band! I've seen them three times in concert...
    The first two times were while living in Florida. At the first concert, Death Cab For Cutie opened for them. The second time, the opening band was Kings Of Leon. Not too shabby.
  7. The last time was Fall 2014. I had to fly from Hawaii to Detroit to see them!
    Detroit , People!
  8. Anyways, I will be getting tickets for both concerts.
  9. BTW, I already have Adele tickets.
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    Don't hate.