Common things people like but are actually gross and here's why!
  1. Mustard. It's yellow, smells gross and it can ruin your clothes.
  2. Mayonnaise (aka Mayo). Now you might be thinking that I'm a condiment hater, but no. Break it down - eggs and oil. Gross. This leads me to my next item
  3. Eggs. GROSS. You're eating a baby chicken - and it they get gross and fluffy when you cook them. Why do they have such a foul odour?
  4. The Easter bunny - he just creeps me out
  5. Jeans - they are not comfortable
  6. Pumpkin anything - it's slimy and weird
  7. Snakes - slimy and scary
  8. Coffee - no one likes coffee when they first try it. They get addicted and they lie about how great it tastes so they don't feel bad. But we see through that shit
    Suggested by @jmac84
  9. Cameron Diaz- dated A-Rod and married the non lead singer twin from Good Charlotte.
    Suggested by @jmac84