I still kind of want to be most of these things. I'll probably try out a few of them before all is said and done.
  1. Fireman
  2. Ken Griffey Jr.
    No, not a baseball player. Ken Griffey Jr. specifically.
  3. National Guard
  4. Broadcaster
  5. Professional Bowler
  6. Sportswriter
  7. Economist
  8. Doctor
  9. Research biologist
  10. Popular Science Writer
  11. Teacher
  12. PA for Ed Begley Jr.
  13. Ecologist
  14. Garden Center Guy at Lowes
  15. Environmental Scientist
  16. Robert Osborne
    Again - not a film historian or presenter - I want to be Robert Osborne. Like, I want to have his life. At least half the pictures on my dream board are of Robert Osborne, if that tells you anything.