I work in a restaurant in an affluent neighborhood with coworkers that have been spoiled their whole lives. Here are a couple excerpts of the things I've heard them say
  1. "I had a theory that tall people were automatically smarter, but I think I'm wrong"
  2. "Yeah the police suck, they didn't let us swim at my friends apartment complex" - shortly after Sandra Bland died in jail
  3. "Some customers are just so rude to me. It has to be because I'm better looking - everyone is rude to people that are better looking than them."
  4. "But let's be real, of all the presidential candidates, Donald Trump is the best right? I know he doesn't have experience, but at least he's real"
  5. "It's okay, you can clock off. Daniel is brown so I can make him work a little harder. Haha. Am I right, Daniel?"
  6. "Have you heard this brand new song that just came out? It's Biggie ft. Ja Rule. I'm so happy they made a song together. It's my new favorite"
  7. "I don't know why people hate on Nickleback so much. They're pretty good."
  8. I hate Christmas. Why do people have to get me gifts? I just want to give.