God I hate being an adult.
  1. Pay my bills. 2 days left.
  2. Call my doctor and make an appointment
  3. Clean my room up
    Haha. Not gonna actually happen.
  4. Put up my bulletin board in my room and write all of this on it.
    Also add a calendar so I stop forgetting things
  5. Decide what to do with my life
    I'll probably put this off for 2-5 years
  6. Be on time for work
  7. Write my paper
  8. Watch newest episode of Walking Dead
    (Most likely this is the only thing on this list that will actually be done)
  9. Do laundry
    Except my machine is broken so I'll have to drive to a laundry mat
  10. Make an appointment to get my tires rotated and aligned
    This really should've been done like over a month ago
  11. Eat healthy meals
    I keep saying I'll start my "eat clean" diet tomorrow. Always tomorrow.
  12. Work on writing my story
  13. Wake up at a reasonable hour
    So maybe I can actually work on this list. (I'll set my alarm for noon just in case...)
  14. Act like an actual adult
    Just kidding because we all know that will never happen.