Things I've had to clean up courtesy of my 3 year old

I have four children. My fourth one is by far the worst and the more you have the less patience you have.
  1. 30 raw eggs +6 hard-boiled eggs
  2. Some brown goop that I thought was cake frosting. Not.
  3. Purple food coloring on our sofa cushion
  4. Half of a bug. Don't know what happened to the other half.
  5. Sharpie on the carpet
  6. Sharpie on the walls
  7. Sharpie on a three-year-old. Prohibiting sharpies.
  8. Green flower foam
  9. Hot wheels. In the toilet
  10. Blue gel paste
  11. P on the floor
  12. Ripped up pages of any book
  13. My iPhone that was sitting in a vase of water
  14. Brand-new bottles of conditioner and shampoo dumped all over the bathroom.