1. I need coffee to functipm
  2. I watch the princess diaries at least once a week
  3. If I'm so far that I can't see the ocean for a long time, I get really uncomfortable
  4. I also get really uncomfortable amongst flat land
  5. I have to sleep with the window open even if it's just a crack
  6. The sound of traffic is comforting to me
  7. I hate frosting on stuff
  8. I like cheap tasting hamburgers
    Like you know the kind you get at high school football games
  9. I can't drink anything hot unless the weather is under 50 degrees
  10. Sometimes I genuinely think I'm an alien
  11. I'm also terrified of aliens
    Thanks to the fourth kind
  12. I don't trust reptiles
  13. I pinch people if they do something I don't like
  14. I always regret eating candy
    Except chocolate
  15. I love destruction
  16. I have an abnormal obsession with blankets
  17. I absolutely love "Faith" by George Michael
  18. When I'm drunk or really tired I instinctively sing "Part of Your World"
  19. My hands are always sweaty
  20. I have an irrational fear of Jar Jar Binks because I believe him to be a sith.