1. Am I smoking this right?
  2. I don't feel anything
  3. Woooaah there it is, haha
  4. I feel like talking to someone. Let's call someone.
  5. Calls a friend
  6. Tells them a pointless story in the longest way possible
  7. Laugh at myself
  8. Hangs up phone with intentions of looking for food
  9. Go downstairs and forget what I'm doing down there
  10. Go back upstairs and put on the office
  11. Remembers I was hungry and thinks of everything I can make
  12. Realize I have to cook, and that takes time, and that's not something I can waste at the current moment
  13. Continues watching the office
  14. Goes downstairs for cereal
  15. Stand in the kitchen trying to find balance and spoons
  16. No spoons. Back upstairs we go.
  17. Wtf only 15 mins have passed?!
  18. I'm still hingry
  19. Pizza
  20. Starts pizza order
  21. Forgets halfway through what I want on pizza
  22. Considers if this is really the right decision
  23. Watches more of the office
  24. Wait, I'm still hungry.
  25. Actually orders pizza.
  26. Half an hour till delivery?!
  27. I can't wait that long
  28. Finds and makes popcorn
  29. I have laundry in the wash
  30. Puts laundry in drier
  31. Returns to microwave to find that popcorn has not popped
  32. Now I'm scared and considering whether or not the microwave is broken
    Starting to think that the microwave is conspiring against me...I put it in for 2 mins right? It's not popped at all....if I do it again is it gonna explode?....stares at microwave and decides to add 2 more minutes. I stand back in case it explodes
  33. Popcorn is finally popped. Lime it up and chow down.
  34. That's the doorbell....oh the pizza! Fuck yeah!
  35. Awkwardly takes pizza and feels embarrassed at trashed house he obviously sees behind me
  36. Whatever
  37. Eats pizza
  38. Memory gap
  39. Memory gap
  40. Tries to watch benchwarmers
    This is hilarious.....actually this is stupid.
  41. That's the doorbell again...is it the pizza man coming back for his tip??....fuck...I ain't going down there
  42. Tries to watch Bring It On
    Omg this movie is the best. That guy is so cute....wow this is kinda stupid.
  43. Feels the need for a good ass movie
  44. Watches the Skeleton Twins
  45. Traumatized by Ivette's nail less toe
  46. Depressed by her story of a homeless man
  47. Aliens
    Oh hell no..no!
  48. Did little cat escape?!
  49. Opens can of tuna...finds little cat under a box
    Oh thank god
  50. Back upstairs to watch more of the office and do some laundry
  51. Did sneak escape?!
  52. Frantically looks for sneak
  53. Finds her in David's drawer
  54. Hears banging from unknown place 😳
    Fuck it's the aliens
  55. Turns off lights and gets ready for bed
  56. Wait it's only 6:30
  57. More of the office, I tbink
  58. To smoke another bowl or not to smoke?.....
  60. Brushes teeth
    This feels weird....why are my fangs hurting?!
  61. Hesitantly turns off the office
  62. Puts on sleep music
  63. 🌧🌙😴🌧