1. "Don't wipe your hands on your pants!"
    Why? They work better than napkins!
  2. "Stop blowing bubbles in your chocolate milk"
    That is a pointless order. I will blow bubbles in whatever beverage I please.
  3. "No, you can't have soda for breakfast."
    Why not?! Dad does!
  4. "Elly stop crying, he isn't even doing anything to you."
    He's staring at me. It's irritating and a very punishable offense in my book.
  5. "Don't walk barefoot, you'll get sick!"
  6. "Every day you have to make your bed, Elisa! Every day!"
  7. "Coffee is only for grown ups."
    I've wanted coffee since the first time i smelled the beautiful aromas coming from the kitchen at Sunday school. 5 years old.