1. 'Magic Black Men' characters are still a thing
  2. Middle aged men will fall in love with girls 20 years younger than them before said girls have had 3 lines of dialogue
  3. Girls in Venice Beach don't wear bras
  4. Liking Frida Kahlo is all you need to make a female character 'quirky/cool'
    The quirky male character gets hilarious dialogue, a funny name, a weird living arrangement and a story arc that involves putting a finger in a dog's ass. But hey, the chick likes Frida.
  5. Middle age dudes fight over 20-something ladies, and will choose them over their actual make friends
    Even when the dudes are 12 steppers who have (@ least theoretically) done some basic level of soul searching/moral inventory.
  6. If you defend a girl's honor from a guy who thought he had bought sex from her, she will reward you with sex
  7. 'Magic Black Men' are still stock characters and I'm repeating myself because it's 2016 and they're still stock characters.