"I've got something to say..."
  1. I want to watch House Party starring Kid and Play
  2. My favorite member of the Eagles is Glenn Frey
  3. I cried in the scene from Top Gun when Maverick listens to Sitting On The Dock of the Bay
  4. YooHoo has no milk it's really dairy whey
  5. The best baseball stadium will always be Shea
  6. His mama name him Clay, I'ma call him Clay
  7. Let's stop by McDonalds for a fish filet
  8. I also cried when Tom Hanks lost Wilson in Cast Away
  9. I bought these tights to practice my ballet
  10. That better not be Riesling bc I only sip Cabernet
  11. The best Michael Jackson song is Say, Say, Say
  12. Ian Malcolm was right bc nature will always find a way
  13. I hide under the covers and read Fifty Shades of gray.
    Suggested by @liana