Yo V.I.P. let's kick it...
  1. Your Friends Will Say They Can Tell The Difference Between The Opening Of This And No Pressure By Queen But They Are Lying
  2. Turn Off the Lights and I'll Glow
  3. Wax a Chump Like a Candle
  4. How To Sell 15 Million Albums
  5. Cooking MCs Like A Pound of Bacon
  6. Bet You I Sleep With Madonna
  7. Hanging With Suge
  8. The Whole Second Verse Is Actually About Shooting Guns
  9. A Lyrical Poet
  10. Seriously This Album Sold 15 Million Copies But Nobody Will Admit To Being A Fan?
  11. Word To Your Motha
  12. If Your Song Is Popular Enough In The Late '80s-Early '90s They Will Let You Make It Into A Movie
  13. Bet You I Meet The Ninja Turtles