1. Mount Up
  2. Tonight Was Not A Good Night
  3. Does Nate Dogg Always Just Start Driving Around When He Doesn't Know Where Warren G Is?
  4. Taking Warren's Wealth
  5. Nate Dogg's Got A Gun
  6. Why Did Warren G Write A Song In Which He Is Not The Coolest Character?
  7. My Best Friend Nate Dogg
  8. Nate Got The Freaks
  9. East Siiiiiiide Motel
  10. Rhythm Is The Bass And The Bass Is The Treble
  11. That Time I Got Robbed Then My Best Friend Shot Somebody And We Celebrated With Hookers
  12. This Story Never Would've Happened Once Cell Phones Were A Thing
  13. Remember That Movie Above The Rim, It Had Tupac And Marlon Wayans In It, A Guy Died Trying To Clap The Backboard And Falling Out Of A Window In The Beginning