1. Going To That Special Place O Mine
  2. Axl Rose Has Very Aggressively Been Checking Out My Eyes And Hair For The Last Hour
  3. Where Do We Go (Now)
  4. Cutie Little Itty Bitty Baby Girl
  5. Hiding In Yo Hair
  6. Your Face Reminding Me Of Shit In My Life
  7. Her Nose Reminds Me Of A Ski Slope Where As A Child I'd Slide
  8. Her Ears Remind Me Of An Old Spooky Cave Where As A Child I'd Climb
  9. I Put The "Eye" In "Ay"
  10. When I Said My Head Was Up Here, I Didn't Mean Write A Song About It
  11. Slash's Hat Is Kind Of Dumb, Right, Not Like Your Hot Face
  12. S.A.D. (Season Affective Disorder) or Crying At Weather
  13. An Ounce Of Pain, A Liter Of Rain
  14. U Up?