Went down a Lovitz wormhole. The man has lead quite an offscreen life. Please share any and all your Hollywood Lovitz stories with me.
  1. I'd instantly become a Dodgers fan if they ran out the Lovitz, Danza, Thicke lineup again.
    Also what does a Lovitz at bat even look like?
  2. They need at least ten minutes in Straight Outta Compton to explain how this happened.
    Who is the over / under dressed person in this photo?
  3. When your parents say you can borrow their car to go to the big game as long as you take your cousin Jon who doesn't get out much.
    Shout out to Dan Cortese and Monica.
  4. When you roll with Hugh Grant and Mike Rappaport on one crutch.
  5. Tennis anyone?
  6. Oh this is what a Lovitz at-bat looks like, it is everything I've ever wanted, everything I ever needed.
  7. G.O.A.T.