William Hamilton self-pubbed a book about Val Kilmer and wrote a review of Top Gun that only has one sentence about Tom Cruise. It is art. @stamos
  1. "Top Gun is the most famous movie about airplanes ever made."
  2. "The all-star cast includes Tom Skeritt as the head of the Top Gun Academy and James Tolkan as the head of the aircraft carrier."
    This is the second sentence of the review and these are the first and only actors mentioned from the all-star cast.
  3. "Val has always done everything conceivable, even refusing to take movies that would have helped his career, to avoid becoming a type cast character."
  4. "The visuals are great; there aren't many movies that blend the plot and action well enough to make the visual effects seamless."
  5. "There are a lot of women who say Val outdid Tom Cruise."
    Only mention of Tom Cruise in a four paragraph review of Top Gun.
  6. "There were a few dialogs that were on the banal side, but for the most part people talked like real people do."
  7. "I would recommend this movie, although you've probably seen it."