1. The Best Show
    Proof that I once supported WFMU
  2. 1990 Mets
    Gary Carter and Kevin McReynolds are together forever but man do I miss Gregg Jeffries.
  3. Guns N' Roses
    I bought these in the Village with my mom when Lies came out. Axl and Slash will always be close together for me.
  4. Phil Collins
    Phil Collins is so good as the lead detective in Hook.
  5. Whitney Houston
    Whitney Houston's first album is called Whitney Houston and her second album is called Whitney. If I ever make two albums I'd call them Matt Ringler and No, Not That Matt Ringler in case the first one sucked.
  6. Bruce Springsteen
    I stole this from my dad. I let him keep his Grateful Dead buttons tho.
  7. The Mega Powers
    Greatest tag team of all time. When Macho Man and Hulk picked up Miss Elizabeth on their shoulders, I cried.
  8. Dan Quayle Mr. Potatoehead
    Sometimes I dream that social media existed when Dan Quayle was VP. It may have caused the apocalypse. He couldn't spell "potato."
  9. Goosebumps
    Perks of the job. I have one million of these if anybody wants one.
  10. Harry Potter
    I hear some people like these books.
  11. The Hunger Games
    These books are alright as well.
  12. Ed Koch for Mayor
    Forget Giuliani, Koch is my guy 4 life.
  13. Babysitter's Club
    I would give this button to Dawn if I could.
  14. Ugly -->
    I got this for an 80's party. The funny thing about 80's parties is a lot of people come dressed in stuff from the 90's. Weird.
  15. Avenue Q It Sucks to be Me
    Got this when I saw Avenue Q with my grandmother. She complained there wasn't enough puppet nudity.
  16. Frank Sinatra's World
    Also stole this from my dad bc I've never once seen him watch a Sinatra movie or listen to a Sinatra record. From Here to Eternity is in my top 5 so this is mine now.
  17. Independence Day
    I spent a whole summer pretending to be a drunk Randy Quaid and the ramifications of that never occurred to me until now.
  18. 1986 World Champion Giants.
    Lawrence Taylor's lightning bolt earring yo.
  19. Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls
    There was a time when Jim Carrey was the funniest person on the planet to me. Batman Forever is still my favorite Batman. Ace Ventura 2 is a very funny movie.
  20. Barcelona 1992 Olympics NBC
    Dream Team y'all.
  21. Hall & Oates
    The woman is wild.
  22. Marilyn Monroe
    The first time I saw Asphalt Jungle my teacher was like "try to keep your eyes off Marilyn Monroe when she's on-screen." Couldn't do it, it's impossible.
  23. Star Wars Jedi Academy
    Young trap.
  24. Office Space
    Somebody got me Office Space on DVD for a work Secret Santa which is just like the ultimate Office Space moment.
  25. Tyrannosaurus Rex
    I got this when I was like six. Prob my first ever button. T-Rex is still the coolest thing ever even after that Whoopi Goldberg movie Theodore Rex.
  26. Homer Simpson
    This is from when the Simpsons were decently early on. Not sure 'No problems' ever really caught on as a Homer catchphrase.
  27. Mickey Mouse
    Somehow every Goody Bag in the 80's had a Mickey Mouse pin in it. Def not true anymore, it's all Frozen and Elmo now.
  28. G Gordon Liddy & Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man
    I made these myself. Who wouldn't want pins of these icons????