1. The Best Show
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    Proof that I once supported WFMU
  2. 1990 Mets
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    Gary Carter and Kevin McReynolds are together forever but man do I miss Gregg Jeffries.
  3. Guns N' Roses
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    I bought these in the Village with my mom when Lies came out. Axl and Slash will always be close together for me.
  4. Phil Collins
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    Phil Collins is so good as the lead detective in Hook.
  5. Whitney Houston
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    Whitney Houston's first album is called Whitney Houston and her second album is called Whitney. If I ever make two albums I'd call them Matt Ringler and No, Not That Matt Ringler in case the first one sucked.
  6. Bruce Springsteen
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    I stole this from my dad. I let him keep his Grateful Dead buttons tho.
  7. The Mega Powers
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    Greatest tag team of all time. When Macho Man and Hulk picked up Miss Elizabeth on their shoulders, I cried.
  8. Dan Quayle Mr. Potatoehead
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    Sometimes I dream that social media existed when Dan Quayle was VP. It may have caused the apocalypse. He couldn't spell "potato."
  9. Goosebumps
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    Perks of the job. I have one million of these if anybody wants one.
  10. Harry Potter
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    I hear some people like these books.
  11. The Hunger Games
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    These books are alright as well.
  12. Ed Koch for Mayor
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    Forget Giuliani, Koch is my guy 4 life.
  13. Babysitter's Club
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    I would give this button to Dawn if I could.
  14. Ugly -->
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    I got this for an 80's party. The funny thing about 80's parties is a lot of people come dressed in stuff from the 90's. Weird.
  15. Avenue Q It Sucks to be Me
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    Got this when I saw Avenue Q with my grandmother. She complained there wasn't enough puppet nudity.
  16. Frank Sinatra's World
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    Also stole this from my dad bc I've never once seen him watch a Sinatra movie or listen to a Sinatra record. From Here to Eternity is in my top 5 so this is mine now.
  17. Independence Day
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    I spent a whole summer pretending to be a drunk Randy Quaid and the ramifications of that never occurred to me until now.
  18. 1986 World Champion Giants.
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    Lawrence Taylor's lightning bolt earring yo.
  19. Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls
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    There was a time when Jim Carrey was the funniest person on the planet to me. Batman Forever is still my favorite Batman. Ace Ventura 2 is a very funny movie.
  20. Barcelona 1992 Olympics NBC
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    Dream Team y'all.
  21. Hall & Oates
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    The woman is wild.
  22. Marilyn Monroe
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    The first time I saw Asphalt Jungle my teacher was like "try to keep your eyes off Marilyn Monroe when she's on-screen." Couldn't do it, it's impossible.
  23. Star Wars Jedi Academy
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    Young trap.
  24. Office Space
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    Somebody got me Office Space on DVD for a work Secret Santa which is just like the ultimate Office Space moment.
  25. Tyrannosaurus Rex
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    I got this when I was like six. Prob my first ever button. T-Rex is still the coolest thing ever even after that Whoopi Goldberg movie Theodore Rex.
  26. Homer Simpson
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    This is from when the Simpsons were decently early on. Not sure 'No problems' ever really caught on as a Homer catchphrase.
  27. Mickey Mouse
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    Somehow every Goody Bag in the 80's had a Mickey Mouse pin in it. Def not true anymore, it's all Frozen and Elmo now.
  28. G Gordon Liddy & Vince Vaughn in Delivery Man
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    I made these myself. Who wouldn't want pins of these icons????