I somehow acquired all of these when I was a kid. @videodrew wanted to see what I brought from my mom's basement and @MelissaStetten needed more Sinbad.
  1. The Sinbad Show
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    Cast of The Sinbad Show: Sinbad, Selma Hayek, TK Carter, Erin Davis, and Willie Norwood. Did you know Ray-Z's real name is Willie?!?!
  2. The Sinbad Show kids
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    Again, Ray-J went by Willie Norwood and was on The Sinbad Show.
  3. Home Improvement Tool Time
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    Tim "Tool Man" Taylor and Al Borland.
  4. Home Improvement Family & Friends
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    The Taylors plus Al Borland and Wilson.
  5. Tim and Jill Taylor
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    Tim Allen and Patti Richardson
  6. Disney's Aladdin
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    TV Show on Disney Afternoon
  7. Gilbert Gottfried as Iago
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  8. Aladdin & Jasmine
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    Scott Weinger and Linda Larkin
  9. Patra
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  10. Celine Dion
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  11. Blossom in Paris
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    Most important ep of Blossom IMO
  12. Karen Foster Step By Step
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    ❤️Angela Watson💙
  13. Dana Foster Step By Step
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    Staci Keanan
  14. Cody Step By Step
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    Sasha Mitchell
  15. Steroids to Heaven Dinosaurs Ep
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    Robby starts doing Thornoids to impress a girl but it all goes wrong. Important ep.
  16. The Hatchlings Dinosaurs Ep
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  17. Elderly Advice Dinosaurs Ep
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  18. Hanging With Mr. Cooper
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    Holly Robinson & Mark Cooper in the Hibatchi ep
  19. Darkwing Duck
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    I am the terror that quacks in the night...
  20. Darkwing Duck The Muddlefoots
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    Herb, Binkie, Honker & Tank
  21. MC Skat Kat
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    Kissing Paula Abdul in the Opposites Attract vid.