I keep the archives at my mom's basement out in East Meadow, Long Island. It is impossible to pick a top five of things down there. But here are some of the best.
  1. The Lion King's Pride Rock
    I loved The Lion King so much but you know what I loved even more? Play sets for toys.
  2. Samuel L Jackson and Han Solo in Carbonite Star Wars cardboard cutouts
    I bought the Han Solo one from a comic shop for $20 when I was a kid. I also had Princess Leia in her space bikini from Jabba's palace but I can't find it. The Sam Jackson one I stole from the Toys R Us in Queens. Walked right out with it. It wasn't for sale, it was part of a display so prob not an actual crime.
  3. Bar Mitzvah Sign-in Board
    After I got expelled from Hebrew School, I had to join another temple and get super quick lessons to pull this off. I had a music theme. This might be the most "grunge" sign-in board ever. So what, it was 1995. It says "Matt Live at Zachary's" which is where the party was.
  4. Beastie Boys Hello Nasty subway poster
    Got this at a poster shop on Thompson St. in the Village in 1998. It is giant and took up a whole wall of my room.
  5. Matt Ringler Original Artwork
    This is the only thing I've ever painted. Some deep Pacman shit right there. Expect to see at Sotheby's on auction for many hundred thousand dollars one day.
  6. Bonus: Flintstone Movie Toys
    If you know anyone who has more toys from the Flintstone Movie than me, please introduce us.