From 1985 to 1995 actor Bradford Dillman appeared on Murder, She Wrote as eight different characters in eight different episodes. Why they kept using him is television's greatest mystery.
  1. Det. Lt. Simeon Kershaw
    Murder to a Jazz Beat (1985)
  2. Dennis McConnell
    Death Takes A Dive (1987)
  3. Avery Stone
    Steal Me a Story (1987)
  4. Dep. Police Comm. Bradley Folkes
    Hannigan's Wake (1990)
  5. Arthur Brent
    Unauthorized Obituary (1991)
  6. Eric Benderson
    Final Curtain (1993)
  7. Carl Dormer
    Wheel of Death (1994)
  8. Richard Ellston
    Twice Dead (1995)