Light of Day is a 1987 movie by Paul Schrader starring Joan Jett and Michael J Fox as a sister and brother who have a band in Cleveland. It hasn't been released on DVD in the U.S.
  1. Michael J Fox's hair is peak mullet.
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  2. Joan Jett is a God.
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  3. My dream move band lineup also has Michael J Fox, Joan Jett & Michael McKean but you'd have to add Dick van Dyke and Jami Gertz and '70s Candi Bergen to be complete.
  4. There is nothing more strange than hearing Michael J Fox curse
    Or reading Penthouse magazine.
  5. If you're asking God to forgive the sins of your daughter's youth during pre-meal grace, she might not want to keep coming over for dinner even if you are Gena Rowlands.
  6. Michael McKean's Gatorade hat is so on point.
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  7. They're trying to steal someone's tools from his house to sell for equipment money? Not their TV or jewelry? And then the tools turn out to be wrenches and not like power tools? How is this possible?
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    These tools are worth $600 dollars somehow.
  8. I wonder if Michael J Fox had a clause in his contract that they had to show him in his briefs at least once per every movie.
  9. Taking your band on tour through Erie, Akron, and Mansfield feels like quite a romp.
  10. The Barbusters is a great name for a band.
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  11. How does this goofy new boyfriend of Joan Jett's just appear out of nowhere in Flynt, Michigan.
    Oh man, her and the boyfriend use her 7 year old kid to shoplift meat, it is so messed up bc he keeps saying "it's cold" when it's tucked into his pants.
  12. Michael J Fox's earring game is no joke.
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  13. The running mystery of who is the father of Joan Jett's kid. It is not Michael J Fox as that is her brother.
  14. And then all of a sudden they're at a Fabulous Thunderbirds concert.
  15. What is on this dude's face in the bathroom.
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    It looks like a giant bug.
  16. I really need this Joan Jett version of Sweet Emotion from her audition with The Hunzz
  17. Gena Rowlands can't remember she has a dish washer. Is this really the companion movie to The Notebook?
  18. Tom Brunansky Minnesota Twins cameo
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  19. Michael J Fox's dad talking about his wife: "we don't talk much, we don't go out much but I can't complain."
  20. This Michael McKean beard.
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  21. Just taking a bath with my uncle, no big deal.
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    Not going to screenshot this but it is most definitely full-frontal kid nudity.
  23. "Anything you can say, you can sing. That's what lyrics are." is wisdom for the ages.
  24. This doctor in the glasses is 100% Del Close, father of modern improv comedy.
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  25. Really thought Gena Rowlands was going to have Alzheimer's but it is ovarian cancer. I am not a doctor, maybe ovarian cancer can also cause memory loss?
  26. Reverend Ansley is Tom Irwin, the dad from My So Called Life.
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  27. Trent Reznor has a cameo in this bc he was in a bunch of bands in Cleveland.
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  28. Gena Rowlands asks Joan Jett to encourage her father to remarry or he won't make it long. She has two friends picked out, Wilamena Garvey and Sue Anchon.
    What a dope move. This is very solid of her to think on her deathbed.
  29. The baby daddy reveal is so so gross.
    Not Michael J Fox though, whew.
  30. I love anything that shows inside bars in the 1980s.
  31. The Barbusters play their return show the night of their mom's funeral. Joan Jett goes to the video game arcade instead of the service.
    This is not the joyful romp I remember it being from seeing it on WPIX's Sunday Afternoon Movie all the time in the '80s.
  32. Michael J Fox is a lot of wonderful things but a believable rocker is not one of them.
    And I love him more than some of my own family members so it hurts to think that.