1. The joke from Not Another Teen Movie spoofing She's All That about people finding Rachel Leigh Cook "gross" just because she has glasses, a pony tail, and paint on her clothes is so spot on. She's clearly gorgeous and just doesn't want to deal with high school goofball nonsense.
  2. Seeing Paul Walker unexpectedly show up in something I forgot he was in will still get me to audibly gasp.
  3. Prob def Lil Kim's best acting role.
  4. I feel this way about Clea DuVall in everything she's in but she's so unlikeable in She's All That and I am still so into her.
  5. Freddie Prinze Jr.'s haircut is very on point IMO.
  6. What if I got an opportunity to be on television but all I did was reenact the intense hackey sack, DON't LET IT DROP, Freddie Prinze Jr. monologue?
  7. My favorite Real World season is the fake one that Matthew Lillard is on in this movie.
  8. It is shocking how perfectly in shape everyone is and yet how terrible they all are at volleyball.
  9. Kevin Pollack watching Jeopardy and yelling out all the wrong answers is one of the funniest things Kevin Pollack has ever done.
  10. I would like one person ever to look at me the way Freddie Prinze Jr does during the Kiss Me staircase reveal.
  11. Matthew Lillard gives a shout out to All Star Road Rules, why isn't this fictional season something I can actually watch?!?
  12. I'd watch another version of this movie that was only about the two guys freestyle battling about Laney vs Taylor for prom queen.
  13. How did they only use Usher for the deus ex machina DJ? What a waste.
  14. Why is Kieran Culkin riding rollerblades around the lunchroom with a pepper cracker? They are trying to make him intentionally weird, which is kind of what I did in high school and maybe I can actually relate to this better than anything else anyone does in the whole movie. Never mind.
  15. Maybe I could pull off this Freddie Prinze Jr. haircut?
  16. Who gets bullied by the Sherminator from American Pie? Most unrealistic part of the movie.
  17. This other bully's shirt says "Kill All The Artists" hahahahaha
  18. It's amazing how this movie is really for the most part about two bozo guys who harass this girl who wants to be left alone and paint.