For @zoe
  1. Watching Lady and the Tramp tonight to see if cartoon Siamese cats are still the most terrifying creatures at 30+ yrs old
  2. Lady thinking her human's names are Darling and Jim Dear is 🔥🔥🔥.
  3. Lady and the Tramp really makes a newborn baby seem like the absolute most depressing thing how did anyone grow up on this and still procreate?
  4. Legitimately scarier than Freddy Krueger, and Jason, and Michael Myers, and Pinhead, demon infested Regan, and the They're Here kid
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  5. Aunt Sara has to be Darling's aunt right, there's no way that cranky old lady is her sister?
  6. These Lady and the Tramp cat twins are more frightening than the kid twins from The Shining imo.
  7. Real questionable judgement that a woman with two hell-beast nightmare Siamese cats would take a sweet dog named Lady to get a muzzle.
  8. This zoo's "no dog" policy makes perfect sense when you see the shenanigans Tramp gets into there.
  9. Tramp has more g than any human in the history of life when he convinces the beaver that the muzzle is a "log mover."
  10. I'm taking notes from a homeless dog on how to do a proper date.
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  11. When those dogs at the pound cry, we all cry.
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  12. Tramp fights with two horse-size dogs early on and does ok but then had trouble with that yellow eyed rat that thing was a true monster.
  13. Poor Trusty the real hero finds his sense of smell gets run over and ends up in a cast for the amount of time it takes Lady to conceive and give birth to a liter of puppies.
  14. The DVD has a special feature on the Siamese Cat Song maybe I'll watch it or instead open the Ark of the Covenant and let it melt my face off.
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