I watched SATC S1 bc @Rachsyme was starting it from the beginning again and I'd never seen it. @erikhinton
  1. Always thought the plot was that these women were super glamorous with fancy shoes and cosmos but for this first season, they're all super realistic and reasonably down-to-earth.
  2. Every ep is super funny and so easy to watch.
  3. I was 16 in 1998 and lived in NYC and so much of this feels like a nostalgic thing I recognize and then so much else feels so absolutely foreign to me.
  4. Still strange to see the Twin Towers in anything.
  5. "Abso-fucking-lutely" is such a dope way to end an episode.
  6. When Carrie goes to the movies, City of Angels and U.S. Marshals are playing. I remember this time really clearly bc U.S. Marshals was the sequel to The Fugitive and I saw it when it came out and City of Angels was everywhere bc of the song Iris on the soundtrack hit.
  7. Shocked at the number of dinner parties they go to on this show. I've been to like one in the last six years. How do I get on this circuit?
  8. When Carrie is sort of dating the guy who throws the housewarming party and his friends are like "he has 300k in the bank"--I wish my friends would amp me up like that like "Matt has every season of 21 Jump Street, even that one without Johnny Depp."
  9. My favorite moment is when Carrie sees her friend's husband's dick at their house in the Hamptons and he's super-matter-of-fact about it, "yup, I bumped into her going to the bathroom" and his wife looks ready to explode.
  10. I miss Blockbuster video.
  11. Carrie calls this one dude "the jock guy" in a club montage then they show him playing basketball and he busts out the ugliest fake dribble into a bounce pass ever in the history of sports.
  12. Skipper--but for the grace of God there go I.
  13. Carrie dropping money on the table for Mr. Big's next round and walking out is super gangster.
  14. Samantha never agrees with anyone. All the dialogue is Any Character: "I like / don't like x" Samantha: "Oh honey you can't be serious." @Rachsyme says its part the character's charm and I do find her charming but if she was a friend in real life I think it'd be super annoying.
  15. The guy trying to convince Charlotte to have a threesome is one of the biggest creeps in TV history, underneath the Diff'rent Strokes bicycle man.
  16. None of these bars or clubs they go to look like anyone is having a good time.
  17. Please only refer to me by my new name, Bernie Turtletaub
  18. More people should throw "I don't have a baby showers"
  19. Super into the guy at Samantha's party that is the only one who wants to see the pregnant lady take her shirt off.
  20. I finally get the Sarah Jessica Parker admiration, she is mesmerizing.
  21. I don't get the Mr. Big thing. I do get the Chris Noth thing but I don't find the character to be worthy of Carrie's complete admiration. He's not that great to her in S1.
  22. Miranda consistently has the best joke in any scene.
  23. I can't believe Carrie didn't go on the trip. You always go on the free trip, right?
  24. Update: my ex-gf is really really mad at me for watching this now bc I never would when we were dating. #WorthIt