Made me way through season 2, feeling pretty good about it. @Rachsyme @zoe
  1. So many ex-gfs are mad at me for watching this show now but not when I was with them but the time in a man's life when he watches Sex and the City is a very personal choice and should not be pressured.
  2. "I just cried in your mouth" is a killer line.
  3. As a Mets fan I am very relieved Carrie didn't go for the new-Yankee.
  4. Miranda talking dirty to that guy she was dating is 🔥🔥
  5. Carrie's Single and Fabulous Question Mark magazine cover had me dying. What a dirty trick tho.
  6. Good for Miranda buying her apartment even if "she had to check more singlet lady boxes than her gynecologist."
  7. Does it mean that Giuliani won if I'm repulsed by watching Carrie chain smoke all these years later?
    Giuliani will never win with me.
  8. What is the better move? Mr. Big canceling on Carrie but showing up anyway when she doesn't expect it or him just going with her after he agreed to it. The canceling one is way more dramatic but has a big payoff and you hurt someone temporarily. The other is steady and dependable but boring.
  9. I've decided I like Carrie Bradshaw best in her Cookie Monster tank.
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  10. There's no reason Mr. Big doesn't realize giving Carrie back the stuff she left at his apartment is a statement. No chance. He knows.
  11. The Deus ex DiCaprio ending was pretty wack.
  12. Still don't get why Mr. Big is her dream guy. That thing he does in the restaurant when he's asked to put out the cigars and goes to the other tables is so patronizing and mortifying.
  13. Good fly off to Paris Mr. Big, nobody wants you here anyway. Oh no, not a beret Carrie.
  14. Steve the bartender seems like the nicest guy. I know he and Miranda end up together. His making Miranda act politely at the bar is pretty great to see.
  15. Breaks my heart when Carrie and Big call it quits and she's like I thought you loved me and he said I did and she says "then why does it hurt so fucking much" and her voice cracks and ahhhhh it's too much.
  16. Didn't Justin Theroux already plan a cocky author in season 1? Did I make that up? I don't think I did.
  17. Samantha not getting any sex unless the Knicks win is the best plot. Also that Knicks team went to the NBA finals that year so shout out Larry and Marcus and Alan.
  18. Miranda dating the single dad thing hit close to home for me but damn dude how you gonna bring your kid on a first date. That's no bueno.
  19. How big was that guy if he was too big for Samantha?!?!
  20. I'd be down to go to that Hamptons bonfire though.
  21. I mean it's Bridget Moynahan. How. But. Ok props to Big I guess.
  22. The "trying to be friend with an ex lunch" never works if one person still has feelings for the other which is pretty much always.
  23. Charlotte is adorable but her thirst for a husband is grating.
  24. Seriously tho, Bridget Moynahan. Can't be mad.