A @fisackerly favorite
  1. Janeane Garofalo is fire in this.
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  2. Rocky and Bullwinkle was a role of a lifetime for Randy Quaid. Too bad this wasn't a franchise I could have used a new Vacation and Rocky & Bullwinkle movie every four years. It would've saved him.
  3. This movie really came out in 2000? I'd have guessed 1994 or 1987 or 1976. I guess they waited to get the CGI right.
  4. Boris, Natasha, and Fearless leader come out the TV as DeNiro, Rene Russo, and Jason Alexander but Moose and Squirrel stay cartoons.
  5. Jason Alexander reprising his role as The Guy in Pretty Woman Everyone Hates.
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  6. Been hearing people quote this DiNero "you talking to me" line so happy to finally figure out its from Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  7. John Goodman is in this movie, too. With Piper Perabo so this is basically a prequel to Coyote Ugly then.
  8. Kenan and Kel got roles in this classic what an all-star team this is the original Expendables.
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  9. Kenan has been in the Rocky and Bullwinkle, Fat Albert, and Smurfs movies. He's about to run that cartoon EGOT.
  10. Billy Crystal cameo as a street talking mattress man might be his worst of all time.
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  11. Law of Comic Relief says a Billy Crystal bit must be followed immediately by a Whoopi gags and this delivers it.
  12. Jeff Ross getting that non-roast work. @angusisley
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  13. They made a reference to Boris, Natasha, and Fearless Leader becoming actors while Rocky and Bullwinkle stay cartoons. Eff the fourth wall yo.
  14. The President in this is named President Signoff Rocky and Bullwinkle making deep valid points on the state of our political system circa Y2K.
  15. Okay I thought this movie was good fun until I saw the scariest image from any movie ever I'm done.
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    The Potato Head guy is Francis from Pee-Wee's Big Adventure and Chubby from Teen Wolf and Grown Stillwell Angel from A League of Their Own.
  16. Can't believe how into Rene Russo as Natasha I am she looks like she'd never be nice to me once ever again it is perfect.
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  17. Someday I'll give a TED talk about this movie and it will change people's lives.
  18. People gave it to DeNiro for doing Rocky and Bullwinkle right? Good for him do something goofy and fun if you want it can't all be Ronin.
  19. Kenneth fucking Lonergan (This is Our Youth, You Can Count on Me) wrote it!
    Suggested by @samboyd