I am a Miami Vice scholar. I watch it every night at 11 PM on Cozi. Two different people requested this list shout out to @EricElkins
  1. G. Gordon Liddy as William Maynard aka Captain Real Estate
    The list really could begin and end here. Liddy went to jail for Watergate, one of the worst conspiracies in the history of our country, got out and did a bunch of TV eps including Vice and Super Password. Plus, this is a Vietnam episode, which are always the best because Crockett clearly has PTSD and many unresolved issues. Plus the plot is about smuggling heroin out of Nam in body bags which was prob def based on American Gangster Frank Lucas doing it for real.
  2. Bob Balaban as Ira Stone
    This is the same episode that Liddy is in. Balaban is basically playing his version of Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now so that alone is worth the entry.
  3. Bill Russell as Judge Roger Ferguson
    Bill Russell has 11 championship rings, the most of any player ever but if I met him all I would ask about is his Vice ep. He plays a judge and Knicks great Bernard King plays his son who gets asked to shave points in a college game to save his dad. I love basketball eps of any tv show forever. @zoe
  4. Harvey Fierstein as Benedict
    Harvey Fierstein is a defense attorney. I've never seen him wear a suit before.
  5. Michael Richards as Pagone
    Kramer as a drug dealer three years before Seinfeld and UHF.
  6. Frank Zappa as Mario Fuente / Dan Hedaya as Reuben Reydolfo
    Frank Zappa calls his drugs "weasel dust" in this ep for real. This is pure Vice goodness where they can take an actor who is clearly not Latin American and make him a Colombian or Cuban drug dealer just because they felt like it.
  7. Tommy Chong as T.R. Jumbo Collins
    Who better to involve in a drug deal with some rich trust fund kids than Tommy Chong. This one is just a given.
  8. Ed O'Neill as Arthur Lawson / Artie Rollins
    Ed O'Neill plays a cop who gets too deep undercover and begins to believe he is his criminal persona. Crockett can relate because that's basically him as Burnett every episode. But really Ed O'Neill is channeling the future of Pat Reilly as the GM of the Miami Heat.
  9. Jermaine Stewart as Singer
    Jermaine Stewart is a singer who had a hit with We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off. He plays a random singer who is performing in a maximum security prison. His concert starts a riot and a couple of bad guys are able to break out.
  10. Michael Chiklis as Det. Jeffrey Whitehead
    Chiklis plays a NYPD detective that specializes in stolen art. He has a bald guy pony tail and a dangling cross earring. He's super snooty. It's messed up to name someone with his haircut Whitehead.
  11. Rita Moreno as Congresswoman Madelyn Woods
    This is exciting bc Phillip Michael Thomas is actually the guy that coined the term EGOT which stands for Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony. He said his goal was to win one of each. He never did but Rita Moreno is one of the few who did. So this is a historic ep. She plays a Congresswoman whose son is dealing drugs and she is blackmailed into framing Liet. Castillo. A truly great moment.
  12. Ben Stiller as the stereo salesman!
    Suggested by   @stevensodeyburp
  13. And Bruce McGill as Sonny Crockett's mentor who loses his marbles in the best MV ep. ever - "Where the Busses Don't Run". GREAT LIST!!
    Suggested by   @stevensodeyburp
  14. Bruce Willis as Tony Amato
    A season 1 gem, NO EXIT. Willis as an arms dealer that gets out of his eventual bust by our heros because, as he says, "I got the juice." He also got shot by his wife. The Phil Collins well was dipped into again, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE played in that epp too.
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