Only because you asked for it @gabimoskowitz
  1. Origin
    I am from Queens. Movie Captain America (MCA going forward) is from Brooklyn. Producers felt that it was so hot right now to be from Brooklyn so they went with it. Doesn't bother me, although I still rep QB so hard.
  2. Age
    I wasn't born in the 1930's, was born in the early 80's but I guess period pieces are super in right now after the success of The King's Speech. When you sell your story to Hollywood, you kind of lose the right to your own details. It's a trade-in I guess but worth it to be known worldwide as the guy Captain America played by Chris Evans is based on.
  3. Physique
    I was never a sickly young man nor was I generically enhanced by scientific experiments. My body is all-natural. I am three inches taller than Chris Evans, just saying, but I think he played me well, it's more about character differences here than differences with the actor. Still, three inches taller though.
  4. Service in the armed forces
    I never served in the army. I did go to three cub scouts meetings as a kid but I quit when I heard that they wanted meet to catchup so I had to complete all the badges for Bear and Wolf at the same time. Plus I realized that I live in Queens, NY in the early 90's and would be beaten heartily if anyone saw me in that uniform.
  5. Adversary
    My worst enemy is not the Red Skull. His name is Brian Weiner and he ruined my only sleepover birthday party in 1993. I got so mad at him that I tried to kick him in my backyard and my shoe flew off and landed on the roof of the garage. My step-dad had to come out with a ladder to get it down. I also really don't like any era Dan Aykroyd. I recognize he is in things I like but he is not what I like about those things. Brian Weiner played by Dan Aykroyd is the scariest things imaginable to me.
  6. Crew
    I was not in the Avengers. I was in a group called the Elite 8 and we did have football jerseys on them that said Elite 8 with the "eight" in clip art of an eight ball. We totally won the B'nai Brith football league with those. I am super athletic.
  7. Not boring
    I don't know, maybe I was just tired but I fell asleep three times trying to watch The First Avenger. It took me like 8 days to finish it. Maybe if they spent more time concentrating on how not boring I really am, the MCA would have been easier to watch.
  8. Everything else is completely factually accurate.